Looking For Fast 4G Broadband Internet For Your Home or Business? We Provide High Speed wireless 4G Broadband internet Across The whole of the UK.

30 day contract

  • Low Latency
  • No Phoneline
  • Portable
12 month residential only

  • Low Latency
  • No Phoneline
  • Portable
12 month residential only

  • Low Latency
  • No Phoneline
  • Portable

Freedomsat 4G broadband available for Home & Business USERS

Freedomsat 4G LTE Router by Zyxel

Freedomsat 4G LTE Router by Zyxel

Get online instantly with our high speed 4G Home and Business broadband solutions.

A landline is not required so you can take your connection with you anywhere in the UK with 4G coverage.

With the UK’s super charged 4G networks, connectivity is now seamless; super fast browsing and streaming in HD are all now possibilities.

We provide a stylish 4G broadband router with in-built WiFi; you'll be surfing the web in no time.

Connect using Freedomsat 4G Broadband with optional antenna

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**Based on 12 months residential only
First month data is pro rated on monthly packages

+ What is 4G?

4G is the improved fourth generation standard for mobile networks, connecting mobile phones and now available for wireless broadband internet connections with multiple devices.

4G is several times faster than the earlier 3G standard, which means that for the first time, a mobile connection can be used as the primary broadband connection for a home or business.

Compared to 3G, 4G has higher capacity, supporting more users on the network, with reduced latency, making real-time applications such as online gaming and internet stock-trading available on the go with issue-free performance for the first time.

In the UK, 4G has become the favoured technology for the government to deliver universal broadband. Coverage is being extended daily. Vodafone are at the forefront of 4G delivery, and Bentley Walker Freedomsat can deliver Vodafone-powered 4G solutions for a better price than a direct Vodafone subscription.

For locations with low 4G signal, we use our well-established network of engineers to carry out installations of 4G antennas. We also offer our customers the choice of installing their own 4G antenna, and many do this without issue.

If you have been subscribing to our Freedomsat satellite internet services, we’ll make it easy to upgrade to 4G – just contact us with your request using the form above.

If you are a new customer, you have come to the right place. We can offer 4G hardware, an optional 4G antenna, installation with a comprehensive range of service plans. You can expect to receive only the highest level of support from our UK based support team that operates 7 days a week. And joining us is as easy as browsing our range of service plans via the links above, and clicking a button to place your order.

+ Optional 4G Antenna for low signal areas

Even if your phone says that it cannot connect, we may be able to help you out with our 4G antenna option. Our external antennas power 4G internet for homes and businesses with low signal. We can professionally install your outdoor 4G antenna, or you can self-install, the choice is yours.

+ One-touch Wi-Fi sharing

Easily connect multiple devices to the Freedomsat 4G router using the in-built WiFi.

+ Real-time usage data

No risk of bill-shock from out-of-bundle overage charges.

+ Tailor your package to meet your exact requirements

Choice of cost-effective data packages from 2GB to 200GB per month with 2GB to 100GB monthly bolt-ons.

+ Static IPs available

Ability to connect devices to the internet for real-time monitoring and remote network access.