Account Managers for UK & EU Customers

Here, at Freedomsat, we recognise that there is one thing everyone values higher than anything else - support, with a sprinkle of a human touch. This is even more important at this time of year, when 28% of UK consumers fear an internet outage could ruin their Christmas.

That is why, today, all of our satellite broadband and 4G broadband customers in Europe will have received an email today from their newly assigned Account Manager. This will be an experienced member of the Sales Department who will be able to assist with any queries that you may have.

This means that you will always have a single point of contact that you can get in touch with at Bentley Walker to ensure a consistent experience as well as continuity. If you want to know something or need help with anything which isn’t an obvious matter for Technical Support, you will always know exactly who to call or where to shoot an email off to.

Whether you are a home internet or business broadband user, the service you receive from your Account Manager will always be the same - a friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help person who is just a quick call away.

Check your account, anytime and anywhere

Freedomsat has designed and implemented a customer portal for our Tooway customers to make accessing your basic account details even quicker and easier, regardless of where you are.

  • Want to check how much data you have used this month?

  • Want to check when your reset date is?

  • Want to add more data to your account?

Simple – just go to and enter your site ID, e.g. BWKA12345.

(Your BWKA number should be on your invoices but if you cannot find it, give us a call or send an email to

Once logged in, you will be able to view information such as;

  • Monthly data allowance

  • How much data you have used so far

  • How much data you have left

  • When your data resets

  • When you first activated your system

  • Technical information, e.g. signal levels, spot beam, MAC address, TRIA serial number

If you find that you have exceeded your monthly allowance and your Tooway has been put ‘In Throttle’, you can also purchase Data Boosters through the portal. This will only be visible when your account is throttled. You will need the last six digits of your MAC address (found under Terminal Information) as well as your BWKA number. We have endeavoured to make sure the portal works with reduced speeds, however please note that the payment engine is provided by a third-party and may time out due to your speeds.

A similar portal is available to our Avanti customers via - however, you will need to be directly linked to your Avanti connection by Wi-Fi or ethernet. You cannot access this remotely.

Toowayhome is just one of many customer portals and agent portals that we have been designing and offering for our worldwide services - because, at the end of the day, making your life easier is the business we’re in.

If you have any further questions about Toowayhome or any other portals, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to help.

Humble beginnings to global success…

Shortly after World War Two, in 1947, the company was founded by Lt Cdr Cecil Walker (GC, DSC, DSO, DFC) of the Fleet Air Arm who saw a gap in the market for an electrical store. Partnered with his brother-in-law (Mr Davidson from the Bentley store in Havant), the shop was started at 116 Elm Grove on the idyllic Hayling Island in Hampshire, England.
Over 70 years later, the business remains in the very same building.

Rural Satellite Internet Brings the World Cup to You

Dreaming of watching the World Cup with superfast internet within the comfort of your home?

Well, your dreams are soon going to become a reality. If you live or work out in the middle of nowhere, you can now get a high-speed internet connection there too. So, you don’t need to move to the city for a stable internet connection because your satellite internet connection gives you access wherever you are.

Satellite Internet, How Does It Work?

Satellite internet is the best internet solution for those living in rural areas where dial-up internet options are not available.

Satellite broadband uses geostationary satellites – that always stays in the same position above the Earth by matching the Earth’s rotation velocity as it orbits the planet. Satellite broadband does not require telephone lines or cables to deliver an internet signal directly to your home. However, for this, there must be a two-way data communication between a satellite dish attached to the roof of your home and our Freedomsat hub here on Earth.

For instance, you want to watch the World Cup using the internet on your computer. What you do is click on a web link for live streaming, this transmits a signal to the satellite. The satellite then relays the signal to our hub, which is then transferred back to the satellite. The data gathered, is then sent to your dish for the modem to load the site on your computer. This entire process takes only a few seconds.

Satellite internet sure is, a pretty cool way to access the internet that’s beamed from outer space. However, with widespread availability and innovative growth, satellite internet gets much cooler than that.

Benefits of Satellite Internet

Here are some of the benefits you can obtain from satellite internet:

·         Connection available 24/7

·         Easy installation and deployment of the equipment

·         Provides global coverage

·         Reliable internet connection

·         9-times faster internet connection speeds than the dial-up connection

·         Multiple devices can be accessed

·         Cost-effective option compared to fibre optics

The Challenges That Comes with Satellite Internet

The bad news is, like any other internet connection, satellite internet also have a few drawbacks. But the good news is that the experts at the Freedomsat have come up with the best solutions to minimise those hurdles. 

The challenges associated with the satellite internet are mainly as a result of bad weather conditions affecting a rural area. For example, heavy winds or rainstorms can affect the quality of your internet. Aside from that, any obstruction in the way of your dish’s signal or your dish is not pointing towards the south can affect the signal and interrupt the internet connection.

But here’s the best part…

With the Freedomsat you can enjoy a hassle-free high-speed internet connection anywhere, anytime.

So you do not have to miss out on all the action of the World Cup, even if you are living on the countryside, you can still catch on all the crunchy moments and support your favourite soccer team.

Rural Broadband Connection in the UK

Many of us take broadband access for granted and yet there are still a large number of homes and businesses in rural locations across the UK that have slow or zero broadband connections. Unbelievably, dial-up is still used in some areas and domestic users and businesses really can struggle.

Rural broadband is slow or non-existent because the faster speeds require modern infrastructure which is expensive. Network operators are loathe to invest in sparsely populated areas, feeling that they will not make the returns required and ADSL is virtually impossible to get if you are far away from the exchange. But things are about to change for the better. The UK government has committed to provide a national minimum speed throughout the UK of 5Mbps and they are providing grants to support users.


This is essential for all sectors of the market, particularly agriculture where running a business efficiently and communicating with customers and suppliers is paramount to success. Many other types of rural businesses have moved out of the bigger towns and into the country due to high rent and rates but cannot operate effectively without reliable broadband connections.

So what broadband options are available to rural businesses and residences?

Fibre Optic
One of the options available to rural users is fibre optic which offers very fast speeds. Although it is not a cheap option, it will remain in use for a long time. However, the price of it makes it just not viable for small communities so it would only really be practical for large groups of domestic residences or businesses that are prepared to invest large sums of money into it.

One of the biggest problems with this is coverage. If you are missing out on regular broadband due to being remote then your mobile signal may be poor too and if available, expensive. The only way that this can become more affordable is if providers decide to invest in this service throughout rural areas. This could be a long time coming.

Satellite Broadband
Satellite is available right across the UK and is a good choice if a fixed line is not available, mobile signals are poor and fibre optic is too expensive.  Connection speeds are good and all that is needed is a satellite dish on the outside of the property. In general, satellite offers a great combination of fast internet speeds, flexibility and the ability to be fitted into almost all remote homes or businesses. Also going in its favour, a phone line is not required, the connection is portable, it is low cost compared to the other options and there will be no delay in waiting for Telecom to roll out a schedule. With the current grants on offer from the UK Government of £350, your installation and set-up costs are covered. This makes satellite not only a very convenient option but an affordable one.

If you are a business struggling due to lack of broadband or a rural home that desperately needs to keep up with the times, then satellite broadband provides a service that is practical, easy to install and fast.

Talk to Freedomsat now and find out just how easily satellite broadband can be installed, transforming your home or business communications.

Rural Satellite Internet Shapes the Future of Farming

The shape of the farming landscape is being transformed by new capabilities and advancements in rural satellite internet.

The shape of the farming landscape is being transformed by new capabilities and advancements in rural satellite internet. 

The multi-million-pound farming industry is diversifying and innovating, and satellite internet is making a dramatic contribution to this.


Though faced with numerous challenges on a daily basis, the agricultural industry is set to overcome these and continue to grow apace with the help of rural satellite internet and its countless benefits. 

From livestock health records to climate change patterns and soil monitoring, the agricultural industry relies heavily on data, which is pivotal to the modern farming process, and the availability of that data requires connectivity.  

Rural Satellite Internet: Overcoming Challenges

When it comes to enhancing and growing agricultural processes, connectivity is key. 

Advancements in, and the reliability of, rural satellite internet overcomes a host of challenges faced by the farming industry due to the lack of a reliable internet connection, which is commonplace on agricultural land. 

Rural satellite internet enables mechanisms offering intelligent data feedback through advancements in the Internet of Things, which allows web-connected devices to communicate with one another. 

Thanks to internet connectivity, these advancements open up a host of opportunities for farming applications to be fully utilised. 

Track Fleet Vehicles and Maintain Security

Sadly, theft on farms costs the industry millions each year, and the effective management of CCTV and farm security systems is vital to preventing losses.

Farmers can now track their vehicles for business, insurance and anti-theft purposes through fleet management, which gives vehicle diagnostics capabilities, tracking and fuel monitoring that can work together to reduce wear and tear, along with fuel wastage.

Data-Gathering from Multiple Sensors

A number of channels can provide feedback to farmers in the form of data on machinery, livestock, climate and crops, for example.

The analysis of crucial data can have a dramatic impact on the well-being of livestock and the increased growth of new crops, but this requires an internet connection. 

Manage Web-Based Business Operations

All aspects of farming can now be managed online, from operations to finance, as well as sales and marketing. By taking their business online, farmers can open themselves up to a wider market, taking advantage of opportunities such as messaging services, online marketing and Voice Over Internet Protocol communication. 

Track Output and Energy Consumption

Reducing output and energy consumption is a priority for farmers. 

A big focus in agriculture is the efforts to reduce gas emissions and become greener, meaning many farmers have looked to wind and solar as well as biogas production as alternative energy sources. Becoming more energy-efficient is all about tracking consumption and energy output, which will save farmers money while reducing emissions.

The Benefits of Rural Satellite Internet 

The benefits of rural satellite internet and its impact on farming are dramatic, and will continue to reshape and enrich the landscape of the agricultural industry as time goes on. 

Improve your lifestyle and business by investing in rural satellite internet today, and reap its many rewards: 

  • Empowers farming diversification
  • No phone line needed; available anywhere
  • Small dish offering easy setup
  • Cloud data storage 
  • Online business operations management 
  • Output and energy consumption monitoring 
  • Farm security maintenance
  • Fleet vehicle tracking and management 

Clients sing our praises in Home Satellite Internet Case Studies

At Freedomsat, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best high-speed home satellite broadband services to connect our customers. With over 20 years of experience and a host of satisfied customers across the UK and Europe, our state-of-the-art home satellite broadband service is second to none. Fast, professional services with a dedicated attitude to pricing, support and adding value, is what separates Freedomsat’s services from the rest.


Satellite Internet Case Studies: What Our Clients Say

Our valued customers are the very best people to discuss our state-of-the-art home satellite broadband service and what we deliver, and we have a host of satellite internet case studies to share.

We firmly believe that the testimonials of our valued clients are worth far more than anything we can say about our service.

Whether it’s our headline speeds, our bidirectional home satellite broadband services or our ability to reconnect people so they don’t feel isolated, our customers have offered a host of feedback that we want to shout about.

Our satellite internet case studies speak for themselves:

D. Moffat

‘I was completely cut off at my home. I had to travel 15 miles a day to access the library internet. A chance phone call to someone in Inverness (who was in the same situation) told me to try Bentley Walker. I have never looked back as I was despairing of ever getting it at home. I in turn told a friend in the same village about it and he now uses it. Very pleased with the service.’

J. Redfurn

‘I live and work on the west coast of Scotland running a film and animation business. We have a fairly patchy landline BT internet connection. Three years ago, the connection was down for just over a month! No email, no access to banking, no important file transfers could be made. I then swore I would never rely on one system for such important business activities.

I searched around and came across Bentley Walker. Within a week, I had the satellite kit delivered, and in another week I had installed it myself and was up and running. I don't believe it has gone down more than once in three years.’

W. Watts

‘We live in the middle of nowhere in a dip between the hills. Satellite internet has reconnected us with the world and it means we can work and socialise online at home! Thank you, Bentley Walker.’

J. Thompson

‘It has always been our dream to live in the country surrounded by animals – we achieved that dream by building a house on a 6-acre smallholding high in the hills of the Scottish Borders, but with two teenage children, very poor almost non-existent mobile signal, homework now online, a husband who works away from home and no landline, it seemed our dream was becoming a nightmare.

Now I can ring my husband when he is away at work, the children can complete all their homework and keep in touch with their friends, I have contact with the outside world in case of an emergency – all without leaving our beautiful rural home. Thank you, Bentley Walker Tooway!’

 I. van Oosterhout

‘What a relief I found Tooway! To have internet installed, especially in Ibiza where I live, just takes a lot of time and energy. And then I found Tooway. This is by far the quickest and most efficient service I ever experienced!’

How Satellite Broadband is bridging the gap in Northern Ireland

One of the first regions within Europe to have total access to high speed internet is Northern Ireland, with much of the service being provided via Satellite Broadband.

European funding of nearly £10m has been invested in the project which is super news for those living in the area who have previously struggled to obtain any form of broadband service. OFCOM carried out research which showed that demand for broadband is not only high but on the increase. It is therefore good news that speeds in even the most rural of areas in Northern Ireland are about to be dramatically improved.


Broadband rollout and the current situation

For residents that live too far away from the local exchange, gaining access to the standard ADSL broadband has been a major problem. If you do not live within 5 miles of the exchange then not only the ADSL system but also the 3G mobile service will be out of range; your preferred option will be to opt for satellite broadband which can solve all broadband communication problems.

But how can satellite broadband help?

Satellite Broadband is definitely not the lesser choice when it comes to communication as it can provide speeds of up to 30 Mbps. Provided by satellite instead of coming through your phone line or 3G network, it offers speeds not only comparable with traditional broadband but very often in excess of.

In addition, Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) are offering grants of up to £350 to customers that will cover the installation costs. This scheme has been supported by the UK Government and will continue until December 2017. The funding will be focused on areas that have been identified as black spots in relation to broadband traditional fixed lines i.e. where normal connections would be impossible to install or ridiculously expensive.

Why use FreedomSat to install your satellite broadband?

Funding is available to fund this satellite broadband service; all that applicants need to do is complete a short post code check in order to claim the cost of the system via a grant.  FreedomSat are in a position to install this high speed broadband service by using two-way communication satellites.  You don’t need a landline, there is no need to wait for Fibre to come your way and they can put you in touch with the BDUK grant scheme now!  So why wait?  Get in touch with FreedomSat now and benefit from the many advantages that every one of their customers receives:

  • Full installation & set up – a satellite dish will be located on your property and a modem installed inside
  • Your connection will be always on 24/7
  • Monitor usage and upgrade your plan at any time

FreedomSat are one of the UK’s most well-established satellite installers and operators and work to exceptionally high standards.  Their customer service team are always on hand 7 days a week to help with any of your enquiries or questions.

Get in touch with us now and take advantage of the grant scheme which provides up to £350 to get your broadband satellite service connected.  Within just a few days of receipt of your grant, you will be totally up and running and broadband ready!

FreedomSat to Unveil Innovations at International Broadcasting Convention

The International Broadcasting Convention (better known by its acronym, IBC) is the number one European convention for showcasing media, entertainment and technology.

The IBC is attended by over 55,000 industry professionals who come together every year to showcase new and innovative products. There are also a series of professionals in attendance that offer discussions on a broad range of industry topics.


FreedomSat is always keen to adopt fresh thinking within the industry, so it stands to reason that it will be in attendance to showcase its new developments and partnerships that look to offer better Internet connectivity and communication for those based in remote areas,

As well as offering a satellite-based Internet service for problematic areas in Europe, FreedomSat has also developed resources in Africa that look to offer a more robust and reliable Internet connection, especially in more isolated areas. This is made possible by the way FreedomSat connects users. As it relies on signals sent to a satellite as opposed to copper wire, it serves as a better platform for those who may not have access to a more conventational broadband setup.

Of course, this is only made possible by recognising and adapting new technology. Fortunately, FreedomSat has not rested on its laurels, and has made a lot of advancements that look to add more security and stability to an already reliable infrastructure.

The DVB-S2X technology will be used in conjunction with iDirect, and more specifically, its I-Q modem. DVB-S2X is the successor to DVB-S2, and just as DVB-S2 brought new a plethora of features to the table, so does DVB-S2X. The improvements the technology brings includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Smaller roll-offs
  • Channel bonding
  • Wideband support
  • Advanced filtering

The improved performance of the DVB-S2X technology used in tandem with an iDirect modem allows for more flexibility and expansion without having to tamper with the infrastructure. iDirect’s modem has been designed to make use of DVB-S2X technology and offer a more enduring Internet connection as a result.

As well as iDirect’s future-proof modem, there is also the introduction of Hughes’ EML Mobile Solution. Just like the I-Q modem, the EML Mobile Solution looks to make use of satellite technology, albeit in a slightly different way. Just as there are remote areas without the Internet, there are also areas that struggle to obtain any kind of mobile signal at all. This can be frustrating for both personal customers and business users.

The EML Mobile Solution is a satellite-based platform that allows for mobile devices to communicate on its platform. This is done via a Portable Data Terminal that offers users an MSS hotspot for two-way communication. As well as its current operation, Hughes continues to converse with other professionals within the industry to ensure that capabilities of its technology are fully leveraged.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to innovations being made in the satellite-based Internet industry. If current developments are anything to go by, it’s safe to assume that the future’s bright.