The Best 4G and Satellite Broadband

If you suffer from poor or non-existent broadband in your local area, you will no doubt feel frustrated and angry at how this is affecting your personal and business life. This can mean slow downloads, interrupted skype calls, corrupted documents due to incomplete downloads and the inability to stream data and watch films or digital media. Many of us now work partially if not completely from home via personal networks and increasingly, this requires extremely reliable and fast broadband to cope with the digital data demands in in terms of downloads and uploads. freedomsat offers a great solution if you live in a broadband blackspot where reception is poor.

As one of the best 4G and satellite Broadband providers for personal and business use, freedomsat offers a variety of different broadband packages which will address your individual needs. If your priority is to download large email attachments, watch movies, talk to family over Skype or Facebook, then you’ll find a variety of competitive packages to suit your needs at freedomsat. In essence, freedomsat does what its name says, it offers you digital freedom via satellite to use the internet.

If your business is suffering from poor coverage and you are unable to obtain superfast broadband in your area, freedomsat is the perfect choice for you. You’ll no longer be subject to snail pace downloads and interrupted skype calls due to a slow connection. Your calls will no longer suffer outage due to lack of bandwidth, with freedomsat 4G your connection will be so superfast it will be seamless and you will also have a stable static IP address and the chance of one touch wifi sharing. So, if you property or business is too far away from the telephone exchange to access fibre broadband then freedomsat is the best choice for superfast broadband. We can offer broadband where other providers cannot, for example, in rural and mountainous regions which have traditionally been unable to access high quality services. You may even be eligible for a subsidy from the Department Of Culture Media And Sport under the BDUK better broadband for the UK scheme which offers subsidies up to £350 so you can get your connected.

Some of the advantages of freedomsat is a satellite broadband system which is always on 24/7 and doesn’t require you to dial in each time. Service uptime is guaranteed to be 99.7%. your connection status is easily monitored locally and freedomsat operate satellite broadband services with robust equipment and stable networks which are constantly monitored to ensure high quality services. Keeping track of your usage across all desktop and mobile devices is very easy from one central platform which means you can connect multiple users and still monitor usage in real-time to give you accurate data. If you find your package is insufficient or is more than you require, you can also tailor it directly to your personal needs at any stage.

With over 20 years of broadband provision, freedomsat offers a get out clause from your contract where you can cancel and return your equipment, should your area subsequently receive a fibre broadband rollout. We offer a ‘lowest price guarantee’ and 7 day a week support to ensure your satellite broadband and 4G services are always on 24/7 365 days a year. So if you want the best satellite or 4G broadband, choose freedomsat.