Frequently asked questions about Freedomsat Satellite Broadband from Bentley Walker.


+ What is Freedomsat?

Freedomsat is the brand for all high speed Satellite Internet services provided by Bentley Walker.

Bentley Walker, established over 70 years, are world leaders in Satellite Broadband Internet services. Our Freedomsat brand is known globally for fast services with our commitment to the best pricing, support and added value. Freedomsat Europe is our portal for all services provided through the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe. Our global services outside of these regions can be found at the Freedomsat Global site.

+ What Satellite Internet services do you supply?

There are two main services that we provide over the UK and Europe, more details can be found on the brand pages below:

Tooway Satellite Broadband

Avanti Satellite broadband

+ What speeds can I achieve?

Our services deliver headline speeds of up to 15mbps, 22Mbps and 30Mbps dependant on equipment. Like terrestrial services the available capacity is shared or contented which means that your speeds can vary according to several factors.

These can include the general state of network loading across the Internet and the speed of the servers that the website you are viewing is delivered from. Inside of our network the speed is determined by the number of active users and their activity levels on the network at a given time. We will always guarantee you have sufficient bandwidth to deliver your full monthly Gigabyte quota. Measures are in place to ensure that no users take a disproportionate share of the capacity and full details can be found within our documentation here.

+ What monthly data quotas do you offer?

We offer plans from 2GB to more than 200GB per month and even dedicated and broadcast capacity. If you need some help with determining your usage please speak to our experts and we will be pleased to offer guidance on what level of service meets your needs.

+ How big is the dish?

A standard Ka-Band dish is 75cm.

+ Does weather affect the dish?

The service is designed to cope with most weather conditions and wind speeds up to 100mph. During periods of extremely heavy rain or snow the radio signals could become attenuated (reduced). There are, however, sophisticated and automatic measures to effectively increase the power of your system to compensate for any attenuation.

+ Does your service support VOIP?

Yes, all of our packages will support VOIP. Please note however that due to the latency times associated with satellite broadband there may be a short delay (~1second) between you speaking and the other person hearing.

+ Can I become a Partner?

Yes, follow the link to the partner page find out more.

+ Do I need a phone or landline?

No, the satellite system does not require a telephone line. It is a bi-directional satellite system therefore independent of the telephone lines.

+ Can I have a UK IP address?

Yes, all of our Avanti home and business users and Tooway KA users based in the UK, using Home User packages will have a UK IP address by default. This in turn will provide access to sites such as BBC iPlayer etc. Tooway Business plan users may have UK based IP Addresses on request (subject to availability).

+ What happens when I opt for your professional installation service?

We work with a nationwide network of professional, friendly installers. When opting for our professional install service, the installer will endeavour to visit your property, professionally align and install the system within seven working days. The installers will provide the hardware components required (cable and mounting bracket). You will be able to choose the cable colour best suited to match your property and a mount to best position the dish. The installer will ensure that the whole system is working for you before they leave.

+ What happens if I opt for a self install kit to do this myself?

The Bentley Walker self installation kit contains all of the hardware components required (cable, wall mount and compass) so that you can perform the installation independently. With some basic DIY tools and a basic level of skill you will be able to align your dish. The radio head on the Tooway dish has a built in 'beeper' system that gives you a clear indication that you are pointing in the right direction and will alert you once the dish is locked to the satellite.

+ Is the system Wireless?

The modem itself is not wireless, however; any cable wireless router can be plugged straight into the Tooway modem to create a wireless network within your home. Please note we do not supply a wireless router but these are readily available from all computer stores and online and are relatively inexpensive. Whilst we do not recommend any specific brand of router, we do suggest looking for one using the most up to date wireless standard for maximum range and efficiency. The router should have an ethernet RJ45 WAN (internet) port.

+ Can I have a fixed (static) Public IP?

Business packages include one fixed IP addresses. Home packages use dynamically assigned IP addresses and port restrictions apply; on Business packages, all ports are open, and on Home packages outgoing ports are open, but incoming ports are blocked.

Tooway fixed IPs are provided via reserved DHCP, this means they will always receive the same IP but your devices will still need to be setup for DHCP.

+ What is FAP?

To ensure fair internet access for all satellite broadband subscribers, services maintain a Fair Access Policy (FAP). This policy establishes an equitable balance in internet access for satellite broadband subscribers. Tooway assigns a throughput threshold to each service plan that limits the amount of data that may be downloaded/uploaded during a specified period. A small percentage of subscribers who exceed this limit will experience a temporary reduction of speed. Full details can be found in our documentation here.

+ What happens if I exceed my quota and go into FAP?

There are no financial penalties for exceeding your quota it is simply a case of having your speeds 'throttled' back. If you do happen to find yourself in that position you have the option to purchase extra data booster (volume booster) tokens of 1GB and above or wait for the recovery period to lapse to have your typical speeds reinstated. If you regularly exceed your quota you may want to upgrade your plan.

+ Can I run a VPN connection on my Tooway system?

Yes, however; we recommend using SSL based VPN solutions over satellite for the best performance.

+ How long is the contract length?

Our standard contracts range from 12-24 months. If you have a requirement for a different duration please contact our sales team and we will be happy to help.

+ How do I pay?

You can order the kit, installation and your first month of service via our secure shopping cart on our website.

+ What cards are accepted?

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

+ What is the warranty period

The equipment warranty is same period length of your contract.

+ Can I use a Vodafone Sure Signal (3G/4G Signal Booster) or similar device?

No - the latency on a satellite based connection does not meet the minimum for these devices to work.

+ Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

You can upgrade, downgrade or add more data at any time. Downgrade requests are subject to review.

+ Can I stream Netflix, Iplayer, YouTube and other such sites.

Yes you can, just be mindful that anything you stream can use a lot of data so we encourage you to monitor your usage.

+ Can I test the service before buying?

We offer test facilities at our headquarters. Please contact our team to book at test appointment,

+ Is there an activation fee?

No, under the standard contract we do not charge an additional setup fee.

+ Can the systems be installed on cladded walls or chimneys?

We would recommend alternative mounting options as neither provide the stability required. We can provide a variety of mounting options to suit all applications.

+ I am in a woodland area with lots of trees, can I get line of sight to the satellite?

We offer a choice of 3 satellites so it is rare that line of sight is a problem. We can arrange a site survey prior to purchase to ensure that you can receive a service.

+ Is there an app available to help with self installation?

Both Tooway and Avanti provide mobile Apps to help you get installed:

Tooway finder (Iphone IOS)

Tooway finder (Android)

Avanti Mobile Assist (Iphone IOS)

Avanti Mobile Assist (Android)

+ What is the policy for Tooway Extra?

The “tooway Extra” Service Class provides uncapped web browsing and email and is subject to specific usage conditions, in order to ensure that all users have equitable access to the Network and that heavy usage by a small number of users does not negatively impact the Network performance for all users.

1: When Data Usage in an accounting cycle is less than or equal to 40GB* during an accounting cycle, no service limitation is applied.

2: When generated volume in an accounting cycle exceeds 40GB but is less than or equal to 100GB

(i) During Peak Hours, where usually the Network is under more severe Congestion, only web and email will be provided and any other protocol than web browsing and email will be blocked

(ii) During periods of Congestion, Tooway’s Congestion management algorithm may reduce traffic load giving a preference to (i.e. having a lesser effect on) services and applications that require less transmission bandwidth such as web page browsing and email.

During periods of Congestion, bandwidth intensive applications such as video streaming and file downloading may be slowed more than other applications: as a result, the quality of video streaming may be reduced and/or buffering may occur. In addition, file downloads may take longer to complete during periods of Congestion.

3: in any case, when Data Usage in an accounting cycle is more than 100GB, only web browsing and email will be provided and any other protocol than web browsing and email will be blocked. both upload and download traffic are considered, traffic generated between 00:00 and 06:00 local time is not accounted.

+ What is the code of practice

At Bentley Walker our customers come first and our aim to give you the best customer service possible. This Code of practice sets out how we intend to look after you and can be found here.

+ What is the complaints procedure

The Company welcomes and encourages feedback of all kinds from our customers. If you have a Complaint about our Goods or Services, our customer service, or about our employees, not only do we want to resolve it to your satisfaction but we also want to learn from it in order to improve our business and customer experience in the future. Read our complaints procedure.