BDUK Scheme Continued For 2018

Better broadband scheme has been extended in to 2018

written by Chris Chadwick


With the success of 2017 the scheme has been extended allowing areas of substandard broadband of less than 2 Mbps to still apply for their £350 broadband subsidy, if you’re a home user or even a business without access to basic broadband you can get connected through the scheme.

The grant still covers the cost of all the required equipment and the standard installation.

Applying for a subsidy is simple, follow the steps below to see if you qualify:

  • Use the Postcode checker to check if you qualify for the subsidy
  • Visit your local authority site to apply for the voucher eligibility code
  • Once you have received your code. Visit our packages page, choose a service and buy online entering your eligibility code when prompted