Tooway Satellite Broadband

Tooway delivers fast rural broadband services via Satellite across the UK and Europe.

What is Tooway?

Tooway is the high speed Satellite Broadband service provided by Eutelsat Skylogic. Regions without access to fast ADSL or Fibre broadband can receive fast Internet access provided via the KA-SAT High throughput Ka-band satellite.

KA-SAT is the first European satellite designed exclusively for Internet access. Launched in 2010 into an orbital slot at 9 degrees East, the satellite provides 82 large overlapping spot beams covering the UK, Europe, Middle East and North Africa to deliver complete coverage of these regions. This means that if you have a clear view of the sky you can receive Tooway service.

Your equipment

Your Tooway VSAT equipment comprises of an Outdoor Unit (ODU, Which includes the satellite dish and TRIA transceiver) and Indoor Unit (IDU, which includes the Viasat Surfbeam 2 modem). The two are linked with a copper coaxial WF100 cable as standard and other cables are available for longer distance runs or underground cabling.


We offer a range of installation options. Have the service installed on a South, East or West facing wall by our network of professional installers or if you enjoy DIY we offer a self-install option. Self-installation includes a CD with installation instructions and installation video. There are several mounting options including a wall mount or non-penetrating ground mount (available on request, contact us for details).

The Tooway service

The current generation Tooway service delivers speeds of up to 22Mbps download and up to 6Mbps upload. Our Tooway services offer a range of consumer and business plans with options to suit all budgets.The hardware can be either bought upfront or rented as part of your contract.