Rural Satellite Internet Brings the World Cup to You

Dreaming of watching the World Cup with superfast internet within the comfort of your home?

Well, your dreams are soon going to become a reality. If you live or work out in the middle of nowhere, you can now get a high-speed internet connection there too. So, you don’t need to move to the city for a stable internet connection because your satellite internet connection gives you access wherever you are.

Satellite Internet, How Does It Work?

Satellite internet is the best internet solution for those living in rural areas where dial-up internet options are not available.

Satellite broadband uses geostationary satellites – that always stays in the same position above the Earth by matching the Earth’s rotation velocity as it orbits the planet. Satellite broadband does not require telephone lines or cables to deliver an internet signal directly to your home. However, for this, there must be a two-way data communication between a satellite dish attached to the roof of your home and our Freedomsat hub here on Earth.

For instance, you want to watch the World Cup using the internet on your computer. What you do is click on a web link for live streaming, this transmits a signal to the satellite. The satellite then relays the signal to our hub, which is then transferred back to the satellite. The data gathered, is then sent to your dish for the modem to load the site on your computer. This entire process takes only a few seconds.

Satellite internet sure is, a pretty cool way to access the internet that’s beamed from outer space. However, with widespread availability and innovative growth, satellite internet gets much cooler than that.

Benefits of Satellite Internet

Here are some of the benefits you can obtain from satellite internet:

·         Connection available 24/7

·         Easy installation and deployment of the equipment

·         Provides global coverage

·         Reliable internet connection

·         9-times faster internet connection speeds than the dial-up connection

·         Multiple devices can be accessed

·         Cost-effective option compared to fibre optics

The Challenges That Comes with Satellite Internet

The bad news is, like any other internet connection, satellite internet also have a few drawbacks. But the good news is that the experts at the Freedomsat have come up with the best solutions to minimise those hurdles. 

The challenges associated with the satellite internet are mainly as a result of bad weather conditions affecting a rural area. For example, heavy winds or rainstorms can affect the quality of your internet. Aside from that, any obstruction in the way of your dish’s signal or your dish is not pointing towards the south can affect the signal and interrupt the internet connection.

But here’s the best part…

With the Freedomsat you can enjoy a hassle-free high-speed internet connection anywhere, anytime.

So you do not have to miss out on all the action of the World Cup, even if you are living on the countryside, you can still catch on all the crunchy moments and support your favourite soccer team.