Rural Broadband Connection in the UK

Many of us take broadband access for granted and yet there are still a large number of homes and businesses in rural locations across the UK that have slow or zero broadband connections. Unbelievably, dial-up is still used in some areas and domestic users and businesses really can struggle.

Rural broadband is slow or non-existent because the faster speeds require modern infrastructure which is expensive. Network operators are loathe to invest in sparsely populated areas, feeling that they will not make the returns required and ADSL is virtually impossible to get if you are far away from the exchange. But things are about to change for the better. The UK government has committed to provide a national minimum speed throughout the UK of 5Mbps and they are providing grants to support users.


This is essential for all sectors of the market, particularly agriculture where running a business efficiently and communicating with customers and suppliers is paramount to success. Many other types of rural businesses have moved out of the bigger towns and into the country due to high rent and rates but cannot operate effectively without reliable broadband connections.

So what broadband options are available to rural businesses and residences?

Fibre Optic
One of the options available to rural users is fibre optic which offers very fast speeds. Although it is not a cheap option, it will remain in use for a long time. However, the price of it makes it just not viable for small communities so it would only really be practical for large groups of domestic residences or businesses that are prepared to invest large sums of money into it.

One of the biggest problems with this is coverage. If you are missing out on regular broadband due to being remote then your mobile signal may be poor too and if available, expensive. The only way that this can become more affordable is if providers decide to invest in this service throughout rural areas. This could be a long time coming.

Satellite Broadband
Satellite is available right across the UK and is a good choice if a fixed line is not available, mobile signals are poor and fibre optic is too expensive.  Connection speeds are good and all that is needed is a satellite dish on the outside of the property. In general, satellite offers a great combination of fast internet speeds, flexibility and the ability to be fitted into almost all remote homes or businesses. Also going in its favour, a phone line is not required, the connection is portable, it is low cost compared to the other options and there will be no delay in waiting for Telecom to roll out a schedule. With the current grants on offer from the UK Government of £350, your installation and set-up costs are covered. This makes satellite not only a very convenient option but an affordable one.

If you are a business struggling due to lack of broadband or a rural home that desperately needs to keep up with the times, then satellite broadband provides a service that is practical, easy to install and fast.

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