Clients sing our praises in Home Satellite Internet Case Studies

At Freedomsat, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best high-speed home satellite broadband services to connect our customers. With over 20 years of experience and a host of satisfied customers across the UK and Europe, our state-of-the-art home satellite broadband service is second to none. Fast, professional services with a dedicated attitude to pricing, support and adding value, is what separates Freedomsat’s services from the rest.


Satellite Internet Case Studies: What Our Clients Say

Our valued customers are the very best people to discuss our state-of-the-art home satellite broadband service and what we deliver, and we have a host of satellite internet case studies to share.

We firmly believe that the testimonials of our valued clients are worth far more than anything we can say about our service.

Whether it’s our headline speeds, our bidirectional home satellite broadband services or our ability to reconnect people so they don’t feel isolated, our customers have offered a host of feedback that we want to shout about.

Our satellite internet case studies speak for themselves:

D. Moffat

‘I was completely cut off at my home. I had to travel 15 miles a day to access the library internet. A chance phone call to someone in Inverness (who was in the same situation) told me to try Bentley Walker. I have never looked back as I was despairing of ever getting it at home. I in turn told a friend in the same village about it and he now uses it. Very pleased with the service.’

J. Redfurn

‘I live and work on the west coast of Scotland running a film and animation business. We have a fairly patchy landline BT internet connection. Three years ago, the connection was down for just over a month! No email, no access to banking, no important file transfers could be made. I then swore I would never rely on one system for such important business activities.

I searched around and came across Bentley Walker. Within a week, I had the satellite kit delivered, and in another week I had installed it myself and was up and running. I don't believe it has gone down more than once in three years.’

W. Watts

‘We live in the middle of nowhere in a dip between the hills. Satellite internet has reconnected us with the world and it means we can work and socialise online at home! Thank you, Bentley Walker.’

J. Thompson

‘It has always been our dream to live in the country surrounded by animals – we achieved that dream by building a house on a 6-acre smallholding high in the hills of the Scottish Borders, but with two teenage children, very poor almost non-existent mobile signal, homework now online, a husband who works away from home and no landline, it seemed our dream was becoming a nightmare.

Now I can ring my husband when he is away at work, the children can complete all their homework and keep in touch with their friends, I have contact with the outside world in case of an emergency – all without leaving our beautiful rural home. Thank you, Bentley Walker Tooway!’

 I. van Oosterhout

‘What a relief I found Tooway! To have internet installed, especially in Ibiza where I live, just takes a lot of time and energy. And then I found Tooway. This is by far the quickest and most efficient service I ever experienced!’