How Satellite Broadband is bridging the gap in Northern Ireland

One of the first regions within Europe to have total access to high speed internet is Northern Ireland, with much of the service being provided via Satellite Broadband.

European funding of nearly £10m has been invested in the project which is super news for those living in the area who have previously struggled to obtain any form of broadband service. OFCOM carried out research which showed that demand for broadband is not only high but on the increase. It is therefore good news that speeds in even the most rural of areas in Northern Ireland are about to be dramatically improved.


Broadband rollout and the current situation

For residents that live too far away from the local exchange, gaining access to the standard ADSL broadband has been a major problem. If you do not live within 5 miles of the exchange then not only the ADSL system but also the 3G mobile service will be out of range; your preferred option will be to opt for satellite broadband which can solve all broadband communication problems.

But how can satellite broadband help?

Satellite Broadband is definitely not the lesser choice when it comes to communication as it can provide speeds of up to 30 Mbps. Provided by satellite instead of coming through your phone line or 3G network, it offers speeds not only comparable with traditional broadband but very often in excess of.

In addition, Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) are offering grants of up to £350 to customers that will cover the installation costs. This scheme has been supported by the UK Government and will continue until December 2017. The funding will be focused on areas that have been identified as black spots in relation to broadband traditional fixed lines i.e. where normal connections would be impossible to install or ridiculously expensive.

Why use FreedomSat to install your satellite broadband?

Funding is available to fund this satellite broadband service; all that applicants need to do is complete a short post code check in order to claim the cost of the system via a grant.  FreedomSat are in a position to install this high speed broadband service by using two-way communication satellites.  You don’t need a landline, there is no need to wait for Fibre to come your way and they can put you in touch with the BDUK grant scheme now!  So why wait?  Get in touch with FreedomSat now and benefit from the many advantages that every one of their customers receives:

  • Full installation & set up – a satellite dish will be located on your property and a modem installed inside
  • Your connection will be always on 24/7
  • Monitor usage and upgrade your plan at any time

FreedomSat are one of the UK’s most well-established satellite installers and operators and work to exceptionally high standards.  Their customer service team are always on hand 7 days a week to help with any of your enquiries or questions.

Get in touch with us now and take advantage of the grant scheme which provides up to £350 to get your broadband satellite service connected.  Within just a few days of receipt of your grant, you will be totally up and running and broadband ready!